Technology is one of the core concepts of the Hearts of Iron series. The game covers a period of time that saw great changes in the weapons and tactics of the world's militaries. To represent this, as a key part of the grand strategic nature of the game, national leaders must spend resources developing technologies that increase the capabilities of all other areas of their nation.

Hearts of Iron II Edit

Hearts of Iron II introduced an entirely new way for nations to develop technology. Instead of spending cash to 'purchase' advancements in theories and then applications based on discovered theories, nations hire tech teams which then research application-specific technologies.

In II, the technologies themselves are somewhat different. Instead of being grouped by theory, with numerous constituent technologies to be developed before gaining access to a technology that has an actual effect, most are grouped by application, and nearly all have immediate effect on the game, either allowing new unit types or levels, or by affecting various modifiers. To accomplish this, each technology in II actually represents development of five lesser technologies. The lesser technologies are not developed independently. Instead, an entire technology project is assigned to a tech team which completes all research.

Tech teams Edit

The tech team is a new concept for Hearts of Iron II. Each tech team represents a unique historical entity which played a role in technological development during World War II. Most represent companies, research institutes, or famous inventors and their teams of scientists, engineers, and the like. Each nation has access to only appropriate teams for that nation, and during appropriate years. Several of the teams exist for the duration of the games but others come and go, with start and end years that roughly match historical availability. Each team has a skill between 1 and 9 and a set of up to 5 tech specialties.

Tech specialties Edit

The tech specialties are fields of research which sub-technologies fall into. For example, a sub-technology of Dispersed Fighting Doctrine is Individual Fighter Sweeps, which is developed using the Fighter Tactics tech specialty.

Technologies Edit

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