Technology field
Parent Tree Industrial
Historical Years 1936 to 1941
Total Technologies 5
Main Specialties Rocketry Rocketry
Management Management
Main Effects Rocket Test Site
Access to several secret weapons

Rocketry is an Industrial technology field. The technologies in the field are experimental and allow construction of a Rocket Test Site. Otherwise their only effects are access to several Secret Weapon technologies.

Technologies Edit

Year Technology Difficulty Effects
1936 Rocket Test and Research Facility 42 Allows Rocket Test Site construction
1939 Rocket Engine 40 Leads to rocket interceptors and guided missiles
1939 Turbojet Engine 40 Leads to Practical Turbojet Engine
1940 Flying Bomb Development 36 Leads to Flying Bomb
1941 Flying Rocket Development 42 Leads to Strategic Rocket

Specialties Edit

Specialty Components Total Difficulty
Aeronautics Aeronautics 1 7
Chemistry Chemistry 1 7
Management Management 3 40
Rocketry Rocketry 20 142

Secret Weapons Edit

Several secret weapons require various levels of Rocketry research before they become available:

Strategy Edit

The Rocketry field does not provide anything directly, but is not terribly expensive to the research budget and provides the basis for several valuable technologies, including ballistic missiles and jet aircraft. For this reason, most nations will need to invest in this field at some point. Building a Rocket Test Site and improving its size will help make research investment efficient in the field.

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