Technology field
Parent Tree Industrial
Historical Years 1936 to 1944
Total Technologies 8
Total Difficulty 750
Main Specialties Nuclear Engineering Nuclear Engineering
Nuclear Physics Nuclear Physics
Management Management
Main Effects Nuclear reactor construction
Access to nuclear propulsion & weapons

Nuclear is an Industrial technology field. The technologies in the field mark a linear progression to developing the science behind nuclear reactions, permitting access to studies in nuclear propulsion and weapons. The only direct effect of study in the field is to permit building of a Nuclear Reactor.

Technologies Edit

Year Technology Difficulty Effects
1936 Faculty of Atomic Research 50
1936 Atomic Research Laboratories 50
1939 Faculty of Nuclear Research 50
1941 Isotope Separation Facility 60 Allows Nuclear Reactor size 1
1941 Nuclear Fuel Analysis 60 Allows Nuclear Reactor size 2
1941 Experimental Reactor 60 Allows Nuclear Reactor size 3
1943 Nuclear Reactor Operability 60 Allows Nuclear Reactor size 4
1944 Nuclear Power Production 60 Allows Nuclear Reactor size 5 and may lead to weapon and propulsion fields

Specialties Edit

Specialty Components Total Difficulty
Chemistry Chemistry 1 10
Management Management 3 60
Mathematics Mathematics 2 20
Nuclear Engineering Nuclear Engineering 24 260
Nuclear Physics Nuclear Physics 10 100

Strategy Edit

The Nuclear field is the necessary building block for any nation aspiring to wield nuclear weapons. While such a capability is quite an advantage, most countries will have to seriously weigh the importance of pursuing such a capability, due the heavy costs of researching the Nuclear field as well as the follow-on fields which actually provide any capabilities and the need to build an expensive reactor to reap any benefits of the study. For any nation pursuing the goal of being the first to gain the bomb, it is best to simply assign a research slot to the effort, regardless of historical years, and suffer the crawl towards increasing capability. One must also assign a heavy industrial capacity to the effort to build reactor levels as quickly as research makes increases possible. This will not only improve research rates, but is necessary to actually build bombs once the country reaches that point. Remember that you can only build a single reactor and thus it should be placed somewhere safe from any incursions by enemy attacks and ideally well protected from enemy bomber raids. Heavy air defenses and nearby airfields for interceptors may be warranted depending on the threats posed.

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