Mengkukuo is the only legitimate successor State of the Chinese Empire. Along with Manchukuo, Nationalist and Communist China, and of course the Guangxi Clique. Japan, too bored to occupy directly this downright boring piece of Chinese countryside, set up a useless puppet government whose most successful legislative action was a decree to re-sanitize the hall of the Parliament after a vodka party ended with three declarations of war on the U.S. and six dead congressmen. It was steamrolled by the Red Army after its powerful military-consisting of six drunken border guards, eight bored shepherds who lost their herd in a bet with a Japanese colonel and an agricultural tractor armed with a slingshot-did not even try to oppose a meaningful resistance. Just kidding. It was so useless the Japanese took it down, but too disgusted by its uselessness they gave it to Manchukuo and to the Reorganized National Government of the Republic of China. Who refused it.