Material Science
Material Science
Technology field
Parent Tree Industrial
Historical Years 1945 to 1948
Total Technologies 2
Total Difficulty 104
Main Specialties Chemistry Chemistry
Industrial Engineering Industrial Engineering
Management Management
Mathematics Mathematics
Main Effects Industrial efficiency
Supplies production

Material Science is an Industrial technology field. Both technologies within the field improve industrial efficiency. The field only becomes available for study once Advanced Synthetic Oil Plant technology is discovered.

Technologies Edit

Year Technology Difficulty Effects
1945 Plastics 52 5% boost to industrial efficiency
1948 Advanced Material Science 52 5% boost to industrial efficiency plus an additional %5 boost to supply production

Specialties Edit

Specialty Components Total Difficulty
Chemistry Chemistry 6 48
Industrial Engineering Industrial Engineering 2 40
Management Management 1 8
Mathematics Mathematics 1 8

Strategy Edit

Material Science is a later field that improves industrial efficiency, since Manufacturing technologies are all earlier. For nations without oil supply problems, access to the material science field is the only motivation for continuing Synthetic Oil research. For major nations, the boost to production makes the investment worthwhile.

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