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Italy (HoI4)
Italy (HoI4)
Capital province

Government type
Fascist Dictatorship

Axis (1940-06-10)

Italy starts with modern-day Italy, Libya, Eritrea and Somalia, but with the Fascist leadership under Mussolini, they are out to restore the old Roman Empire as an Italian Empire.

Historical backgroundEdit

Italy had completed conquests (Ethiopia and Albania) prior to its entry into World War II. Despite the Pact of Steel with Nazi Germany, Italy did not join in the war until June 1940, planning to get a share of Allied territory with the defeat of France. Italy's war effort went poorly, resulting in defeats in Greece, North Africa, Ethiopia, and the Mediterranean Sea. The Allies started to invade Italy in the summer of 1943 and Mussolini's government collapsed.

The new royal government of Marshal Pietro Badoglio signed an armistice with the allies, but most of the country was quickly occupied by the Germans, who established a puppet government under Mussolini in the north, the Italian Social Republic (also known as the Salò Republic, from its headquarters). Badoglio and the king escaped to Brindisi without giving any order to the army, which surrendered to the Germans without putting up a fight. The royal government remained in control of the south, declared war on Germany, and was eventually re-established as the government of all of Italy shortly before the end of the war in the spring of 1945. Significant partisan actions took place in northern Italy. Italy would become a member of NATO after the war, but lost the region of Istria and the Dalmatian city of Zadar to Yugoslavia, and all its colonies excluding Somalia.


Brief overview of nation's technological capabilities.


Italy political

Italy's political overview.

Italy starts at war with Ethiopia, which is something they will be focusing on for the first months of the game. The Italian technological superiority pretty much guarantees that they will win the war. The new transportation mechanics makes it less of a hassle to strengthen this theatre, and less of a hassle to move back troops afterwards.


The Axis. = Germany,Japan,Finland.Romania,Hungary,Austria,Spain,Thailand


Italy national focus tree

Italy has an interesting national focus tree with five different entry points.

Here you can put some stuff that relates to the political situation in-game in 1936 and following years.

National spiritsEdit

Italy starts with two national spirits.

  • Vittoria Mutilata, which increases their fascist political leanings, and make them less likely to fall for democracy or communism.
  • King Victor Emanuel III, the King provides a small national unity increase each month.

National focusEdit

Italy has an interesting National Focus tree with five different entry points.

  • Ethiopian War Logistics - A smaller tree which focuses on industrial build up.
  • Army Primacy - Strengthens your army research.
  • Mare Nostrum - The big naval strengthening tree.
  • Light ship focus - Destroyer & Submarine benefits.
  • Triumph in Africa - The big political and diplomatic tree, where you have lots of different choices on who to befriend and conquer.




Brief overview of nation's intelligence capability in 1936.


Here you can type some informative bits about this nation's economy in-game in 1936 and following years.

Industrial ProductionEdit


Italy navies

Italy's navies overview.


Italy has 39 divisions in 1936, but while that looks strong, it is due to them moving to binary divisions earlier, so each of their divisions has less punching power.


Year Name Type
1936 SPA Dovunque 41 Motorized I
1941 Fiat 665NM protetto Mechanized I
1943 Breda 61 Mechanized II
1945 SPA Dovunque 35 protetto Mechanized III


Name Type Techyear Tank Destroyer / SP-Artillery / Armored AA Variants
Great War Tank 1918 None
L3 Light Tank I 1934 None
L6 Light Tank II 1936 None
L8 Light Tank III 1941 None
M15 Medium Tank I 1939 M.43 105/25 (TD) / M15/42 Carro Contraereo (AAA)
M16 Medium Tank II 1941 None
M20/43 Medium Tank III 1943 None
P75 Heavy Tank I 1934 None
P26 Heavy Tank II 1941 None
P43 Heavy Tank III 1943 None
Il Duce Superheavy Tank 1943 None
P45 MBT 1945 None


The navy is rather strong with 2 battleships, 8 heavy cruisers & 80 smaller ships, but is not modern either.

Naval UnitsEdit

Name Type Techyear
 ? Destroyer I 1922
 ? Destroyer II 1936
 ? Destroyer III 1940
 ? Destroyer IV 1944
 ? Light Cruiser I 1922
 ? Light Cruiser II 1936
 ? Light Cruiser III 1940
 ? Light Cruiser IV 1944
 ? Heavy Cruiser I 1922
 ? Heavy Cruiser II 1936
 ? Heavy Cruiser III 1940
 ? Heavy Cruiser IV 1944
 ? Battlecruiser I 1922
 ? Battlecruiser II 1940
 ? Battleship I 1922
 ? Battleship II 1936
 ? Battleship III 1940
 ? Battleship IV 1944
 ? Super-heavy Battleship I 1936
 ? Super-heavy Battleship II 1944
 ? Carrier I 1922
 ? Carrier II 1936
 ? Carrier III 1940
 ? Carrier IV 1944

Air ForceEdit

The Air Force have about 300 fighters and 400 bombers in 1936, but it is not modern.

Light AirframeEdit

Name Type Techyear Carrier Variant
 ? Great War Fighter 1933
 ? Fighter I 1936
 ? Fighter II 1940
 ? Fighter III 1944
 ? Jet Fighter I 1945
 ? Jet Fighter II 1950
Breda Ba.65 CAS I 1936
 ? CAS II 1940
 ? CAS III 1944
 ? Naval Bomber I 1936
 ? Naval Bomber II 1940
 ? Naval Bomber III 1944

Medium AirframeEdit

Name Type Techyear
 ? Tactical Bomber I 1933
S.M.79 Tactical Bomber II 1936
 ? Tactical Bomber III 1940
 ? Tactical Bomber IV 1944
 ? Jet Tactical Bomber I 1945
 ? Jet Tactical Bomber II 1950
 ? Heavy Fighter I 1936
 ? Heavy Fighter II 1940
 ? Heavy Fighter III 1944

Heavy AirframeEdit

Name Type Techyear
 ? Stategic Bomber I 1936
P.108B Strategic Bomber II 1940
 ? Stategic Bomber III 1944
 ? Jet Stategic Bomber I 1950

Strategies and Guides Edit

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Example Strategy Edit

Build 2 dockyards and then build only civilian factories for 18+ months. As italy you should focus on winning the war in Africa as soon as possible. To do this you need to secure the Mediterranean so you can send supplies and troops to North Africa. To do this I recomend waiting until the capitulation of France to avoid losing ships against their formidable Mediterranean fleet. During this time I like to build up as much radar coverage as possible in the Med. Once France falls you, send out your entire fleet to a sea zone you have radar in (this will give you an advantage in spotting) while simultaneously using fighters and naval bombers to cover the area. After this, the Brits will likely attack with their capital Med fleet and likely be defeated. I like to have 1-2 carriers, a few battleships, some cruisers and a few dozen destroyers. Once the Med is secure, it should be relatively easy to use your first rate army to push back the sparse allied colonial garrisons (it will be good to have smaller and mobile because once you push into central Africa the front can be very long). I recomend investing in heavy fighters in the early game to help cover the large African and Mediterranean Sea Zones.

Hope this helps!

Miscellaneous tips Edit

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