The Intelligence tab allows you to manipulate spies.

Hearts of Iron IIEdit

Inelligence was added in Doomsday expansion. Without the expansion, you are not able to directly manipulate espionage efforts.

Spies infiltrated in a country can give the following information:

  • Their probable focus of production (i.e. how their expanding their military)
  • The number of infantry divisions, armored divisions, fighter squadrons, bomber squadroms, battleships, carriers, battlecruisers, and smaller ships.

The most useful part of espionage is to steal blueprints from other countries. It otherwise has a low impact that can be contained.

You can send spies on the following missions:

Task Cost  % Success Effect
Steal blueprint 100 -5%
Assassinate Minister 250 -15%
Send Spy 25 20% Puts a spy in the target country, to a maximum of 10.
  • Each spy gives a +2.5% chance of success for a mission.
Smear campaign 200 -5%
Coup Nation 750 -20%
Sabotage industry 100 5%
Nuclear sabotage 500 -20%
Fund partisans 250 0%
Global manipulation 150 0%
Sabotage techteam 100 5%
Counter Espionage 50 15% Removes a spy infiltrating your country.