Influence Nation is a diplomatic action that can be taken to improve relations with other countries. To influence a nation costs money, but does not risk total failure. The only unknown is the level of effectiveness.

Effect Edit

Each attempt to influence a nation will result in an improvement in the relations between the two countries. The amount of improvement ranges from +5 to +25, with +10 being the most common result. Occasionally, in addition to the relations improvement, the target country will alter its policies slightly to match those of the initiating country. A policy shift is more likely with greater success.

  • Hardly Influenced is the worst result, and only improves relations by +5, with almost no chance of a policy shift.
  • Barely Influenced is the most common result, and improves relations by +10 with little chance of a policy shift.
  • Influenced is the median result, improving relations by +15.
  • Successfully Influenced improves relations by +20 and has a good chance of encouraging a policy shift.
  • Completely Influenced is the most successful result and improves relations by +25 with a good chance of a policy shift.

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