Flying Circus Doctrine
Flying Circus Doctrine
Parent Tree Early Fighter Doctrine
Parent Field Air Doctrine
Historical Year 1936
Total Difficulty 25
Specialties Aircraft Testing Aircraft Testing
Aeronautics Aeronautics
Fighter Tactics Fighter Tactics
Piloting Piloting
Main Effects Improve fighter org/morale
Prerequisites Air Superiority Doctrine
Required for Battlefield Destruction Doctrine
Operational Destruction Doctrine
Strategic Destruction Doctrine

Flying Circus Doctrine is a technology in the Early Fighter Doctrine field of the Air Doctrine tree.

Description Edit

The term Flying Circus was applied originally to Jagdgeschwader 1 in World War I, the famous flying unit commanded by von Richtofen, the Red Baron. The unit continuously moved locations to where it was needed along the front, utilizing rail transport to carry support equipment and personnel to new airfields.

The value of flying circus tactics is in the improved utilization of existing air units--experienced air units in particular--versus static stationing. This allowed veteran pilots constantly to improve their experience and stay sharp no matter where the activity was on the front. It also allowed commanders to rapidly focus air power on a particular point to support offensive or defensive actions.

Components Edit

Specialty Difficulty Component
Aeronautics Aeronautics 5 All-metal Airframes
Aircraft Testing Aircraft Testing 5 Peacetime Training
Aircraft Testing Aircraft Testing 5 Extensive Performance Testing
Fighter Tactics Fighter Tactics 5 Small Unit Training
Piloting Piloting 5 Basic Flying Experience

Effects Edit

Flying Circus Doctrine provides a 2% boost to morale and organization of interceptors, escorts, fighters, and carrier air wings. Along with Force Substitution Doctrine, it allows access to the basic bomber doctrines: Battlefield Destruction Doctrine, Operational Destruction Doctrine, and Strategic Destruction Doctrine.

Strategy Edit

Any significant air force must develop this doctrine, as without it, they will not gain access to the basic bomber doctrines. Even a pure fighter force should rapidly gain this doctrine as its boost for fighters is important.

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