Direct Ground Support Doctrine
Dive Bombing Doctrine
US Navy SBD Dauntless
Parent Tree Close Air Support Doctrine
Parent Field Air Doctrine
Historical Year 1937
Total Difficulty 15
Specialties Aeronautics Aeronautics
Aircraft Testing Aircraft Testing
Combined Arms Focus Combined Arms Focus
Piloting Piloting
Main Effects Improve CAS morale & organization
Prerequisites Battlefield Destruction Doctrine
Required for Night Strikes Doctrine

Dive Bombing Doctrine is a technology in the Close Air Support Doctrine field of the Air Doctrine tree.

Description Edit

Direct Ground Support is the use of air power to operate directly in support of offensive and defensive ground operations. In most cases direction for attack from the air is received from the ground, either directly from ground unit staff or from forward air controllers. In some cases, forward air controllers are airborne in spotting aircraft, but even so, they are calling in support for ground operations.

Typically close air support aircraft and fighters, as well as occasionally heavier aircraft, are utilized to provide support. They often loiter in an area awaiting a request from a ground unit for a mission, at which point they respond and strike the designated targets. Usually these targets are called out by the ground forces, and often directly marked using smoke or other means.

The ability of air forces to provide direct ground support greatly improved the utility of the branch in the eyes of army commanders, as they could have much greater assurance that the firepower of the aircraft would be delivered where and when desired. Air force commanders however often chafed at being shackled to the army, and often strategists felt the power of aircraft was underutilized by the need to loiter for long periods and then be expended against low echelon targets.

Components Edit

Specialty Difficulty Component
Combined Arms Focus Combined Arms Focus 3 Early Frontline Air Controllers
Bomber Tactics Bomber Tactics 3 Combat Support Patrols
Piloting Piloting 3 Emergency Service Spirit
Mechanics Mechanics 3 Early Specialized Bombsights
General Equipment General Equipment 3 Basic Ground Attack Ordnance

Effects Edit

Direct Ground Support Doctrine provides a 5% boost to morale and organization of Close Air Support Wings. Along with Dive Bombing Doctrine and Bomber Veteran Initiative it allows development of Night Strike Doctrine.

Strategy Edit

One of the more basic close air support doctrines, direct ground support is really only necessary for those nations actually employing close air support wings, as it has no ancillary benefits. It is cheap however, and even a small fleet of CAS aircraft should warrant development of this technology.

See also Edit

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