BEL flag HOI3
Culture Belgian
Capital Brussels
Government Representative Democratic Monarchy
Religion Protestant or Evangelical

Belgium is a country in Western Europe.

Overview Edit

A strategy that can get you into a good position on the European Continent, starting either in 36 or 38, is to Align yourself to Nazi Germany. Also spam Non-Aggression Treaties to every major Axis Power, which should only be Germany, Italy, or Japan, and maybe an Eastern European country that has decided to join. If you join Axis, you should be able to secure a portion of French territory along your borders. If you join the Allies, hope you have a good enough force. Spamming Militia is really the only way you'll have a large army, if you start in 1938. If you start in 36, you should mix it up a bit more, and research Light Armor. An idea to play with in the early game is that of trying to "finish" the massive French defensive line which historically did begin, but was cut short when the Belgians essentially refused the request of the French to expand their strong-points into Belgium by staying strongly neutral following the military rise of the Third Reich, Pre-war.