Battlefield Destruction Doctrine
Battlefield Destruction Doctrine
The British Army under air attack at Dunkirk
Parent Tree Close Air Support Doctrine
Parent Field Air Doctrine
Historical Year 1936
Total Difficulty 15
Specialties Aeronautics Aeronautics
Aircraft Testing Aircraft Testing
Combined Arms Focus Combined Arms Focus
General Equipment General Equipment
Piloting Piloting
Main Effects Improve CAS morale & organization
Improve ground attack efficiency
Prerequisites Flying Circus Doctrine and
Force Substitution Doctrine
Required for Bomber Veteran Initiative
Direct Ground Support Doctrine
Dive Bombing Doctrine

Battlefield Destruction Doctrine is a technology in the Close Air Support Doctrine field of the Air Doctrine tree.

Description Edit

Battlefield Destruction is the direct attack and elimination of enemy ground combat forces. The doctrine is most often put to use in direct support of friendly forces in combat. Low altitude strafing and dive bombing are primary methods of achieving this.

Components Edit

Specialty Difficulty Component
Aeronautics Aeronautics 3 Small Bomb Bays
General Equipment General Equipment 3 Tank-Buster Bombs
Combined Arms Focus Combined Arms Focus 3 Basic Forward Air Controllers
Aircraft Testing Aircraft Testing 3 Battlefield Air Support
Piloting Piloting 3 Fire-Brigade Spirit

Effects Edit

Battlefield Destruction Doctrine provides a 10% boost to the morale and organization of Close Air Support Wings and a 50% boost to the efficiency of all Ground Attack air missions.

Strategy Edit

This doctrine is the seminal technology for all close air support boosts, and thus if a country desires to build Close Air Support Wings, then this technology is critical. For countries that do not plan on a close air support force, but instead plan to use Tactical Bomber Wings, this technology is still valuable for its bonus to ground attack missions.

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