Assembly Line Experimentation
Assembly Line Experimentation
Parent Tree Industrial
Parent Field Manufacturing
Historical Year 1940
Total Difficulty 60
Specialties Management Management
Industrial Engineering Industrial Engineering
Main Effects Supplies production efficiency
Prerequisites Production Control
Production Planning
Required for Aircraft Assembly Line
Rocket Assembly Line
Ship Assembly Line
Small Arms Assembly Line
Vehicle Assembly Line

Assembly Line Experimentation is a technology application in the manufacturing field of industrial technology.

Components Edit

Specialty Difficulty Component
Management Management 8 Modular Design
Management Management 8 Platform Development
Industrial Engineering Industrial Engineering 8 Sectional Assembly
Industrial Engineering Industrial Engineering 8 Fracture Mechanics
Management Management 20 Experimentation Process

Effects Edit

Assembly Line Experimentation provides a substantial boost (+15%) to production of supplies as well as allowing specific assembly line development.

Strategy Edit

Assembly Line Experimentation is the gating technology allowing a country to pursue the assembly lines that will lower cost and production times for important units. While major nations will likely invest in most, some nations must be more choosy. All, however, must gain this technology first. The additional supply production efficiency is a nice bonus.

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