Sir Anthony Eden played an important role in British politics during the 20th century. He was Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs in the National Government of Ramsay McDonald (1931-1934) and when Stanley Baldwin became Prime Minister, Eden took the important post of Foreign Secretary. Some years later, Baldwin was replaced by the perpetual pacifist Neville Chamberlain. Eden disagreed with Chamberlain’s way of ‘dealing’ with the aggressive Nazi policy on the mainland. Amongst other things, Chamberlain let the ‘Anschluss’ of Austria pass uncontested, and was more or less disgraced by Hitler during the Munich Conference. Disappointed, Eden resigned from office in 1938, only to return to his former cabinet under Winston Churchill in 1940. In 1955, he would be elected as the United Kingdom's Prime Minister.

Anthony Eden & Neville Chamberlain is an event for the United Kingdom.

It activates in January 29, 1938, 95% of the time, when both Neville Chamberlain and Anthony Eden are in office.

The available options, "Yes" and "No", aren't exactly answers to a question, but quickly indicate whether you want to accept his resignation.

  • Yes: Replaces foreign minister with Lord Halifax
    • AI chooses this 90% of the time.
  • No: No change.
    • AI chooses this 10% of the time.