Abdul Majid Zabuli (August 14, 1896November 23, 1998) was the founder of Afghanistan's banking system. Zabuli founded the Ashami company in 1932, and it eventually developed into the Afghan National Bank (Bank-i-Milli Afghanistan). Up until the 1990s the Afghan National Bank had seven branches in Kabul, and ten in other provinces. It also had offices in such countries as Pakistan, Germany, England, and the United States. He also founded the Da Afghanistan Bank, and the Industrial Bank.

Ministerial posts Edit

In 1936, Abdul Majid Zabuli is an option for Afghanistan as Minister of Armament. He is a highly loyal fascist with a Laissez-Faire Capitalist personality.

In 1943, he becomes available as Head of Military Intelligence at which he is a Dismal Enigma of Social Conservative ideology.

In 1945, he becomes available as Minister of Security. He is a highly loyal Paternal Autocrat with a Crooked Kleptocrat personality.

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