AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the computer control of countries and entities not controlled by human players. Hearts of Iron AI is governed by a file of parameters (an AI file) which can be modified.

Types Edit

For ease of understanding and operation, the overall AI delegates several tasks to subservient AI's:

  • The Front AI is responsible for maintaining ground units on the country's borders and front lines. This is the primary AI for attrition and ground combat.
  • The Garrison AI is responsible for maintaining ground forces in occupied, rear, and coastal territories behind the main line.
  • The Invasion AI is responsible for assembling and employing special invasion forces.
  • The Air AI handles all air units and missions.
  • The Naval AI handles all naval units and missions.
  • The Construction AI manages the economy, military production, and construction of province buildings.
  • The Diplomacy AI handles all aspects of politics and diplomacy.