A dynamic counterpart to terrain, weather can affect movement and combat of all types of units. It should be noted provinces do not always have weather, and some provinces have no temperature modifers.

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Ночь даёт следующие эффекты:

  • -50% наземная атака
  • -20% воздушное обнаружение
  • -25% naval hit chance
  • Самолёты с авианосца не могут вылетать на задания
  • -50% бомбардировка

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Погода может оказывать влияние на весь реигон или на отдельные провинции.

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Погода Организация Обнаружение на море Шанс попадания на море Скорость флота Атака флота Авианосец Обнаружение в воздухе Вероятность лётных происшествий Эффективность воздушных заданий Бомбардировка
Rain Дождь −5% −10% −5% −5% −20% −10% +10% −10%
Storm Шторм −20% −20% −10% −10% −100% −20% +30% -30% −50%
Snow Снег −5% −15% −5% −5% −30% −15% +10% −10%
Blizzard Метель −30% −30% −10% −10% −100% −30% +30% −30% −70%
Sandstorm Буря −50% −90% +60% −50% −100%

Carrier Traffic -100% means that no planes from a carrier can fly.

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Condition Division Attrition Winter Attrition Division Attack Organization Regain Entrenchment speed Lower Bound in Degrees Upper Bound in Degrees
x40pxExtremely cold +20% −10% −5% −60% -100 -25
x40pxVery cold +10% −30% -25 -15
x40pxVery hot +10% 27 32
x40pxExtremely hot +20% −5% 32 100

Note: Attrition from weather only applies if controller is at war.

While winter attrition can be reduced by appointing the armies to a commander with a Шаблон:Iconify trait, division attrition cannot be reduced. Commanders gain the Шаблон:Iconify trait by fighting for a longer time in cold weather.

Шаблон:Expansion24px South Africa has a unique focus Desert Equipment reducing heat attrition.

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Condition Attrition Divisions speed Division Attack Organization Regain
Deep snow −25% −30% −5%
Snow −10% −10%
Mud +70% −50% −40%

Very high snow will affect unit movement speed, but Mud is going to increase attrition levels a lot as well as slow the army down to a crawl. A smart player will try not to attack The Soviet Union just as mud season begins or they might find a lot of their panzer divisions bogged down.

If the area is set up as susceptible to mud that time of year and water levels over a time period is high enough mud develops. Either rain or melting snow can be the source of the water. The game logs how much rain has gone down in a special region. If the temperature is above 0, some of the stored water evaporates, the higher the temperature is, the higher the evaporation rate. If there is snow and the temperature is above 0, some snow will turn into water, the higher the temperature, the faster this conversion is. If there is mud (meaning there is a lot of water on the ground) and the temperature goes below 0, the mud disappears, because the water has frozen.

Влияние рельефа на погоду Править

Some terrain makes it more or less likely for a weather effect to occur.

Weather Mountain Plains Marsh Desert Urban
Mud -10% +50% +80% +50%
Snow Snow and Blizzard Blizzard +80% -100% -40%
Sandstorm Sandstorm -100% +80%
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